Are you ReBranding?

Are you rebranding your website and/or company? A logo and name is one thing, but don't forget these other updates!

Rebranding your company is an important step to take for both web design and search engine optimization purposes. It can help you stand out from the competition, attract new customers, and make sure that your brand is seen in the best light possible. Here are some tips on how to rebrand your company effectively:

First of all, consider what elements of branding will be most effective for you. Think about what makes up a successful brand – logos, colors, fonts – and decide which ones will work best with whom you want to reach with your message. Once these elements have been chosen update or create your fresh website design that reflects them accurately while also being user-friendly.

But besides what is normally considered in rebranding: the change of name, logo, image, etc., don’t forget your other digital touch points. Make sure that all of your profiles match, from your website to Google My Business profile, to other business profiles to social media. It is important to make sure your rebrand is complete and cohesive across any channel or method a potential customer may find you.

Plus, don’t forget about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)! Rebranding is going to negatively impact your website and page ranking, no matter how quick or methodical you are. If done correctly, it can be a short term effect rather than you seeing the impact months to years down the line. Make sure to update your keywords (if applicable) and external links. Let those who are currently linked to you know about this change. Also ensure if you are doing domain changes that you implement the correct redirects. Make sure you account for this “change of address” with search engines and also update any analytic tools you have been using.

In conclusion, rebranding can be rewarding if done right. A strategic rebrand can gain you a competitive edge over rivals leading to potentially greater success down the road ahead – good luck!

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