SEO Basics 1

Search engine optimization can be a lot to understand so we’re breaking it down. Starting with answering a question and the use of

SEO Basics 2: Backlinks

One essential component of search engine optimization is the creation of backlinks. Backlinks are external links that connect to your

Websites, Launch and Done?

Monthly maintenance to up-keep all the effort put into your web design and development is crucial. Learn more about the steps after launch.

Cellphones: All You Need in Hand

Cellphones provide a means of communication, but also entertainment and information gathering. It is vital that a site is mobile-

Promoting Your Website

When should the promotion of a website begin? Before it is launched. We discuss promo strategies for website marketing.

Website Reviews

It is a vital component of your website to review it consistently. This is for design and functionality. LiveFive offers monthly services.

How To: Utilize Google Analytics

In our first how to article, we are discussing how to use Google Analytics and make the data available there beneficial to your website.