Cellphones: All You Need in Hand

Cellphones provide a means of communication, but also entertainment and information gathering. It is vital that a site is mobile-

Cellphones are everywhere we look and one of our most consistent counterparts and accessories. It’s no surprise that many Americans would describe themselves as “addicted”*. The average American checks their phone 344 times a day, equating once every four minutes*. This is a 31% increase from 2021*. *source

The Power of the Mobile Search

Not only do we carry them around and check notifications like it’s life or death, many people use them to perform internet searches– something that used to be limited to the desktop computer. Mobile devices are utilized for more than communication now a days but have been expanded to entertainment and informational providers. Global mobile internet traffic accounts for nearly 55% of total web traffic*. *source

The importance of this for web design: if the site can’t be found mobile, you may not be found at all.

Not only that, if it isn’t navigational or user friendly, they may still leave your site without a backwards glance. First impressions mean everything when trying to attract new customers.

A graphic depicting mobile friendliness and its benefits for a website

A mobile-friendly website offers you a few key advantages:

1) Increased Credibility with Users

A website that is accessible and laid out properly helps accomplish a sense of trust. They can recognize your brand and you get your message across in the appropriate manner. It also demonstrates that you can be connected/ communicated with on this platform as well.

2) Attractive Appearance

If your site is attractive, it goes beyond the aesthetic. The way your site appears represents what your site is about as well as sets the tone you want users to feel while on it. A poor layout takes away from this and can make your site look un-professional, driving away potential customers.

3) Ease of Navigation

A site that is mobile-friendly/ responsive assists those who travel to your site to easily find what they are searching for. If the mobile site becomes a treasure hunt that requires multiple clicks and confuses a user, then they are more likely to abandon it and you.

4) Boost Search Engine Optimization

A properly curated mobile site can potentially boost your SEO positioning. Search engines, like Google, index your site and rank it in terms of mobile-friendliness. A poor rating will decrease your overall rating (meaning even if your desktop version is great, if your mobile version is lacking, it will negatively impact you).

When done correctly, a mobile version of your website can lead to long term success and conversions. You can utilize Google to get a mobile-friendliness assessment of your current site. We offer mobile web design services and can assist you in creating an optimal mobile site!

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