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Digital portfolios are a great way to highlight your abilities and reach a greater audience through a demonstration of your abilities.
Mobile internet searches increase each year. If not friendly and responsive, this will negatively impact your reputation and conversions.
LiveFive Web Design prides ourselves on our five-star rated work. Not only do we create your perfect site, but also marketing services.
A brand is the definition of you, whether that is you as an individual or company. However, there are occasions when rebranding is necessary
Rebranding can be difficult in conception and action. Like branding, it requires forethought and long-term planning.
Graphic design is a more integral part of web design than some may believe. Graphic design includes layout, white space as well as logos.
How our CEO and founder Haliegh Reinoehl went from completing a favor to being a business-owner running her own company.
It is a vital component of your website to review it consistently. This is for design and functionality. LiveFive offers monthly services.
Being online is nearly a requirement due to the increasing globalization and dependency on online answers. Show up where it matters!
In honor of Dr. King and MLK day, we ask LiveFive team member, Mikayla, what this day means to her.
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Website revamps can be replacing the entire website, adding new components, or expanding on the technical features of your site.
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