The Graphics For You

Graphic design is a more integral part of web design than some may believe. Graphic design includes layout, white space as well as logos.

Types of Graphic Designs

Graphic designers can produce a range of different designs for you, whether it is for business or personal purposes. The same transfers over to the types of designs important to consider within your website.

Within the sphere of graphic design, many categorize it as eight different design types.

(1) Branding Design: visual images associated with branding

(2) Marketing/Advertising: can be print or online

(3) User Interface: this form of design is more technical and about improving the user interaction

(4) Publications: books, magazines, etc.

(5) Packaging: can be labeling as well as the entire packaging concept

(6) Motion Graphics: designs that move, such as typography at the end of a movie

(7) Environmental: design for our space, including wall murals, etc.

(8) Art and Illustrations: this one is more focused on designs in the art space, including collaborations with writers to create concept art, book covers, etc.

Graphic Design as a part of Web Design

Graphic design is taken into consideration in the creation of a website. How visually appealing it is can capture people’s attention, and it is about creating a balance between that and creating conversions.

Elements of graphic design that are integral when creating a site include: layout of the site, font of the wording, the colour scheme (as well as contrast of the colours), use of white space, alignment, icons, images, logo, and consistency.

These design details aren’t restricted to being solely on your site. Should you decide to do marketing, digitally or physically, your design should be consistent from site to marketing. This includes having your logo and name on items such as labels or a sign-off to an email.

When you consider graphic design next time for your website, don’t constrict it to just the images you utilize. There are many features that being component or keeping graphic design in consideration could take your good website to a great one.

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