Website Expectations

Being online is nearly a requirement due to the increasing globalization and dependency on online answers. Show up where it matters!

Surpassing the expectations of making a website can be difficult. What is harder for some is bounding past the fear and uncertainty that isn’t reality.

You already have an online presence. Even if you personally haven’t set one up, that is the reality of our world. Most likely you are somewhere; whether it is in a selfie, in the background, or a review. The important part is making sure it is authentic and represents who and what you want it to.

That’s what we build and what you will want to take control of. Because if you aren’t talking about you, either no one will hear, or they are already discussing from their point of view.

Make sure it is accurate.

What a website can do for you?:

First off, nearly everything we do and want can be found online. That doesn’t take away from person-to-person interactions or your store front (if you have one), yet neither does it take away the importance of being online. Being online increases your access and reach.

It can increase your credibility for some people. We tend to trust things we see often and that appear professional. Websites help improve that because we almost expect a business that is doing good will be online.

When we want to solve our need, the first place we turn is online (especially if it is a new problem). Your current customers may know where you are and what you are based on your name, but what about these others? Make sure you show up.

A website showcases your brand: loud and proud! But more importantly, it can communicate it clearly and consistently. Show your values. Even more relevant nowadays, what you stand for and represent outside of your products/services is another reason people will purchase from you. There is a precedence of purchasing or aligning ourselves with brands that we feel connected to.

Having a website can help you gain not only new traffic (and organically with properly optimized SEO), but it can also help you from a customer service angle. Having all the information that your customers usually call about on your website and give your employees more time to work on the other aspects of work besides answering the phone. Some customers don’t want to have to go through a hassle of a call anyways and this can help keep those potential customers as well by answering all their questions. It’s a win-win.

Along with putting up your consistent information, a website is a great place to highlight updates and/or announcements. A sale, an event being held, etc. Keep all your customer’s in the know or excited about what is upcoming with banners on your site.

A final point (if we haven’t convinced you yet), they are a great way to market digitally. When you are digitally marketing, if is easiest to drive this traffic to your site—even if your site is just a contact-website.

Don’t get overwhelmed with everything you can have in a website—there is a lot! Simply start. Make that landing page and contact form and go from there. And if you want help, we are just a click away.

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