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Radect Health is a recent client that we assisted in creating their informational website. This website design is focused on contact.

Learning How to Become Healthier Your Way

Informational sites are a great way to build a repertoire with your online audience. Additionally, they provide information on who you are/what you offer with a goal of getting contacted for more information.

One of our favourite informational sites that does this really well is Radect Health. Their innovative digital health software earned them the NIH grant for healthcare. This father-son team hopes to tackle the issue of collaboration between health providers while also ensuring that fun isn’t ignored. We dive into their site and how they get their message across as well as add their own creativity to it to draw in an audience.

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Radect Health


They have a total of seven pages, including the normal: “Home”, “About”, “Team” and “Contact” as well as a blog, description of how their product works, and a sign in page for members. For a business such as theirs, that is bringing an innovative product into the ever-evolving field of digital healthcare, the two most important pages are “[Their] Story” and the “How it Works”.

Radect Health homepage

Informational sites for businesses are like introductions–an elevator pitch of a website. The home page are those first 30 seconds you view and see if you want to learn more. It is vital that your home page is concise about what you are / what your focus is (here it is healthcare, with a focus on a fun healthy journey and yoga). It also has to be visually pleasing but easy to follow. The words are clear against the backdrop and easy to read. The button stands out. All menu items are easy to find and navigate.

A page like “Our Story” adds a level of depth to your website and your business. People like people. It is our stories that draw us in because then we find a way to relate to them. Especially when you are a new business, why you have started this business and what it means to you are great ways to grow your audience and differentiate yourself from those in the same industry.

Radect Health's story page

The “How it Works” is similar to any other product descriptor. Especially for start ups or products that aren’t mirroring something already in the industry, it is crucial to clearly lay out what your product does and how to use it so customers don’t have the obstacle of a lack of knowledge when using it.


Another important factor to consider when you are making an informational site is how to keep customers up-to-date with your company and content. A blog is a perfect way to do this. It has been shown that the more you post information, the more interactions you get, as well as it boosts you in being found.

A blog for a business can be used to highlight recent news, provide more concise information about your product or industry, or even be used to increase the level of personalization of your business.

It is also a great place to have others contribute to your work. Some use guest writers. In this case, Radect utilizes their ambassadors (those who create personalized programs for their members using Radect’s software) to share their stories. Not only does this give another look into how the product can be used, but also who their team includes.

Radect Health community page

Other Channels

Lastly, being on multiple channels is a great way to spread the word about your site. This is always recommended as the way customers interact is different based on what platform you are using and it increases your online audience to a global network. It allows you to get your message out and connect with others. A website is where potential customers and users come to you. On social media platforms, you can go to them.

Radect Health's Instagram profile

Be mindful in what you choose. If you aren’t going to create videos, then TikTok and Youtube aren’t for you. If you aren’t going to post any photos or graphics, then instead of Instagram, perhaps put your energy into Twitter. Utilize your strengths and stick with who you are as you expand.

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