Digital Portfolios

Digital portfolios are a great way to highlight your abilities and reach a greater audience through a demonstration of your abilities.

Why have a portfolio online?

A portfolio is a collection. Sometimes it is word-based, number-based, or image-based. Either way, it is a collection of your work, gathered together in a concise way that allows others to easily view what you have done.

Both with more transitioning online and the expanded reach a digital offering has, it is evident why more people are choosing to have their work digitally accessible. That way, others can find it and view the work without having to be in person or have it mailed to them.

Websites are a great way to build a digital portfolio.

graphic of who can use a digital portfolio including job seekers and for school programs

Who has a digital portfolio?

Digital portfolios are for anyone who wants to showcase their skills and abilities in action. Oftentimes, a representation of your best work over a period of time. Those who are often interested in creating a digital portfolio are either those wishing to use it for work (such as to increase their chances of getting hired) or for school (such as getting into a program).

What makes a strong portfolio?

There are a few things that will make your portfolio stand out amongst others.

  1. Ensure you include your strongest samples and/or represent your range of abilities.

  2. Detail description about the work (the goal, your role, how long it took to complete, any specifics about what was done (like for art what mediums were used)).

  3. Think of how the user will interact (make sure it is easy to navigate and see what they should).

  4. Check the responsiveness of your portfolio, such as load time and mobile-friendliness.

  5. Make sure it is a representation of you and your creativity. Don’t just copy how someone else’s looked; this is you and your work and whether you are doing it for getting hired/school, you want to demonstrate who you are in this.

  6. Share it! (The purpose of having one is for others to see it, don’t be afraid to show it on different channels).

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