Remaining Inspired in Our Work

It can be difficult to remain inspired in work; especially if it is work requiring a certain level of creativity. Below are some of our tips

It can be difficult to remain inspired in work; especially if it is work requiring a certain level of creativity. An unprecedented contributor to this can be working from home. There is a limited amount of interaction we have with other’s ideas and thoughts on our process as organically as a colleague stopping by at your desk.

At our web design company, we have encountered this issue before. With web design and marketing, both are creative pursuits that require the use of the left and right side of the brain. There are a few tips and tricks we use to remain inspired in our work!

#1 Have someone else review your work

Having a colleague or friend go over your work and provide their suggestions or take aways can be another form of helping you get over a hump. Someone else’s perceptions can allow us to get outside of our own brains.

#2 Remain up to date on trends / current styles

Reviewing others interpretations and styles within the same field can provide a catalyst for new ideas. Not only is it important to remain up to date on technical components of your field, but doing the same on current trends in artwork can push you to try something new. This is similar as when artists take someone’s interpretation of a piece of work, and do something similar in their own style. Sometimes you need to take a break from curating your own ideas and just work freely with a sketch.

#3 Change of Scenery

One of the easiest ways to get out of a slump is change where you are working. This is one of the benefits of remote work. If we get stuck working at our at home desk, we can move to a coffee shop. Or we’ve even altered what is at our desk—with a tapestry, new plant, re-arrangement of the furniture, etc. This can all open up a space and allow us to perceive our space and work with a fresh perspective.

#4 Exploring other creative pursuits

When we are designing, some of the best moments of inspiration come from doing something else creative. For our founder, she finds painting and drawing both relaxing and liberating for her creative side. Doing something right-brained just for the fun of it can help you strike rich on another problem.

#5 “Shower”

An oldie, but goodie: the don’t think about it to think about it. For some, it is in the shower. Other times it can be while on a run or listening to music. Taking a break and letting the brain flow through its stream of consciousness while doing something routine can be the spark you are looking for. There have been many great ideas spurred from a good shampooing.

And Lastly- Remember to enjoy what you are doing!

Our last inspiration tip is to smile—exhale—and remember the good times of your work. We enjoy the creativity our job allows and it is one of the reasons we are passionate and can spread this passion to our clients. You can always make changes, so just put the pen to the paper (or finger to the mouse pad) and go for it. The more fun you are having, the looser you are, and the more ideas can flourish.

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