Website: Keep Your Style Up-to-date

A website is a representation of you/your business's style. Keeping it updated is a requirement of properly portraying yourself.

Take a trip down memory lane and open a scrapbook, or revisit the depths of your phone’s photo album. Compare what you used to look like in those early photos to now.

Do you dress the same? Is your hair still the same? What about the way you are posing?

For most, you will see a change. That’s what happens as we live, learn, and continue to re-develop ourselves. What represents us—from our makeup to clothing to even how we hold ourselves—alters as our identity continues to evolve.

While your physical face and style portrays you, your website style does the same. This is why consistently reviewing your site, in both information and design, is important. As your company’s “style” changes, so should your site.

Style refers to: design, content, and tone. They all tie into the “what” you/ your company is and need to align with your mission and goals. Design incorporates the website layout, colour choices, labels, graphics, etc. These are physical elements on your website that contribute to the “look”. Content includes all of the text on your website: headers, menu, titles, subtitles, paragraphs, etc. The content gives formal information about what you are and your deliverables. Lastly, tone addresses the pathos of your site, the emotional aspect you are trying to evoke. Components like colours led themselves to this. For example, with McDonald’s, yellow is happiness and red is stimulating and can led to feelings of hunger. Blue can evoke calmness.

As much as you do a spring cleaning and update your closet, you should do the same with your website. Constant reviews are an important component of representing your / your business’ true self.

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