Web Design: Before You Build

It can be daunting when you are getting ready to design a website. We created a checklist of what you need prior to building.

Starting a website can be daunting.

There are a lot of components that require ample time and decision making; as some of them will remain a permanent feature of your brand (whether that is for a company or personal site)! That fact alone can make starting a website feel overwhelming.

We composed this list for what you should have figured out from the get-go and what you can save for later.

Know at the start:

  • What kind of site you are building (are you writing a blog, selling products, etc)

  • Hosting platform (how are you building it)

  • Your budget (you will be purchasing a domain name, subscription, etc. compare prices early on with what features you want)

  • What kind of content do you want on your site (text, photos, etc.)

  • Do you have other sites or social that you want to connect to this site? (This is important to identify early on because you want to ensure consistency across your connected work)

Can figure out as you go:

  • URL and name (this is very important, and you should start doing research on it as soon as you can, but you don’t need to have it chosen until you are ready to launch)

  • Logo

  • Colour scheme (it’s good to know tone of the site, but you can continue to play with what colours are on the site as you go)

  • Number of pages

  • How will people contact you (personal email, only through the site, etc).

  • Do you have reviews that you should highlight?

  • Creation of a bio/ about section

  • Examples of previous work

  • Etc…

As you can tell, the figure out as you go is quite a bit longer and that is because there are going to be pieces that you won’t know how it should go until you’ve started building a website. There are only about 5 pieces we recommend you have completely together before you start your site or reach out to a we designer. If you want more help in figuring out these pieces, you can reach out to the LiveFive Web Design team for a consultation!

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