The LiveFive Process: New Clients

It's a big decision to decide to work with a web designer. The following is our process of working with new clients!

Choosing to work with a web designer can improve your chances of having a successful website. In most cases, the web designer is outside of your company or not you personally. This means that you are seeking to find someone who can understand you and your brand and create a digital masterpiece to demonstrate this to strangers.

One glance can be all it takes for a potential customer to decide they like you or not.

Many of us make snap judgments. The ullage “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” doesn’t often apply to websites or businesses because there are so many out there. With the increase in options, the decrease in time spent choosing something isn’t worth our time. That first glance, or first page they scroll, needs to connect to them. If you make a successful first impression, then they may dig deeper and eventually turn into a conversion.

LiveFive Web Design values transparency for all of our clients. Every client is ensured a one-on-one experience with a team member who is dedicated to their website goals. Additionally, we don’t want to make you feel overwhelmed by the process so we’ve simplified it. The following is what you can expect as a new client working with us.

1) First Communications

We start with a phone call or email communication going over your goals and what kind of website you are looking for. Our web designer will break down their ideas in regards to what you are seeking and provide you their suggestions. They will then break down their services and compose a price that coincides with your budget.

2) Onboarding

When we come to an agreement to work together, you receive an invoice for 50% down and our new client form. (We ask for 50% down to start work and the other 50% once the work is completed to your liking and launched!) The New Client form is to gather all the necessary information to start designing your website. This includes if you have a domain name purchased or in mind, any colour scheme ideas, number of pages, content or photographs you have, bios, social media, email / contacts, and websites you are inspired by. We will also determine with you your hosting platform, a merchant (if you are an e-commerce site), and who will be hosting your domain/ URL.

3) Review and Revise

The web designer assigned to you will complete a draft of your website and schedule a Zoom meeting to go over the design. This is when they will take notes on any edits you wish to make and complete them in a follow up. This process will continue until you are satisfied with your site.

4) Education and Launch

At the conclusion of our work with you, every client is offered an educational Zoom call, where we go over your website and all functionality so you can operate your website with full confidence. This meeting is recorded and emailed to you to be a resource that you can review at any time. Then your website is launched and you are live!

Furthermore, we offer monthly maintenance services as well as marketing (search engine optimization, paid, unpaid, etc.) to continue to support you. Your website isn’t launched and done. It is important to continue to evaluate it and continue to make updates as you scale! Visit our site to see some of our previous work and feel free to contact us for a consultation.

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