LiveFive’s Mission: Education “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” — Malcolm X

Education is a virtue. Understanding makes us better people and more confident. LiveFive is committed to educating all our clients.

Education is vital. Some philosophers such as Aristotle believed education to be itself a virtue. The more we learn, the more in depth and robust our world becomes. The less confused and nervous we are.

How do you feel when asked about something you are passionate about?

Do you feel squeamish or at a loss for words? Oftentimes it is the opposite. When we are questioned about something we know well, we feel confident and ready to help others understand. To get to this level takes learning and studying over and over again.

Education isn’t just getting a degree or certification in something. It is the process of learning and/or being enlightened.

Here at LiveFive Web Design, we believe in the power of education. It is one of our founding principles and our point of differentiation from other companies. Not only is our process collaborative, but after we complete our project with you, we offer a 45 minute Zoom call that goes over all the functionality and aspects of your website. This includes how to operate your site based on your hosting platform and chosen features, as well as address any questions you have. We cover everything to ensure you feel confident about your site. The call is recorded and emailed to you for your records.

Because we agree education is a value in and of itself. Expand your knowledge into the digital world and scale your work–whether it is personal or a business.

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