Benefits of Working Remotely

There are multi-faceted benefits to working remotely and here are a few our web design company enjoys!

Remote work has become almost a buzzword.

As the COVID pandemic hit, many companies and people went virtual to protect themselves while continuing to work. Now that COVID has relaxed in terms of policies and restrictions, many people find themselves wanting to remain remote.

Not that we are complaining!

There are benefits of remote work for both employees and employers. If you are an employee or employer weighing the cost-benefits, here are a few to sway you towards working in your PJs and at home or the nearest coffee shop:

1. Increased flexibility

  • A lot of the work nowadays is completed on the computer. And what is available both at the office and at home: the internet.

2. Life-Work Balance

  • Another benefit is that employees have greater access to life. This includes the employer. There is easier control of your schedule when you can determine where you are working from.

3. Increased “Pool”

  • There is an increase in both talent and diversity when work is remote. People can work from wherever they are, which means you aren’t restricted to the pool in your area. Not only will this bring employers more talent, but the difference in thought increases as employees and employers interact with people from different spheres of life.

4. Decreased Cost

  • There is a potential of decreased cost of living for employees and a decrease of operational cost for employers (no need to buy an office space!). A savings in the budget for expenses means this can be put to use in another spectra, whether that is life or business. In addition, employees save the cost of transport, which is big in todays economy and the rising gas prices.

5. Control over environment

  • Some people thrive in different environments. An office space can’t contribute to the different way people work. Some require music while others need silence. Remote work caters to whatever way people work.

6. Improved Productivity

  • In relation to the point above, remote workers tend to have fewer interruptions, noise and random meetings. With the increased control on environment, remote workers tend to have higher levels of productivity. More work done, means greater optimization for both employees and employers.

7. Potential for Happier Lives

  • Increased control tends to lead to increased happiness because people feel in control of their lives. Additionally, working remotely means no commute and no rush, both rush hour and rushing to get to work/ find a parking spot. This reaction of stress means that employees often have been wellbeing’s. If they are happier overall, this means increased satisfaction and better retention rates for employers.

So how are you feeling about remote work now? We personally love it and feel quite productive!

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