The Art of the Portfolio

A digital portfolio allows increased ease and reach when demonstrating experience and abilities. Shawn Williams Studio is an art

Digital Portfolio

As we discussed, having a digital portfolio is a great way to expand who can see your work and abilities. Whether it is for a job or school, portfolios are increasing in use and asked for because they demonstrate your skills in different projects.

A great example of a digital portfolio is from our most recent work with artist, Shawn Williams.

For artists, a digital portfolio is a collection of their artwork, oftentimes representing what kind of mediums they work with, along with completed pieces. Work can either be past commissions/projects that solely are included to showcase their abilities or also be combined with an e-commerce platform to sell pieces.

Shop page of Shawn Williams studio website

The “meat” of your portfolio is your work/the testament to your talents. Depending on why you are creating the portfolio, you should tailor the projects included. Such as, if it is for applying to a certain school program, don’t include unnecessary works that have nothing to do with what you are after (sculpture work when you are applying to be an architect). For artists, all types of work you do/want others to know about should be included, even if there are vast differences (ie. graphic art and oil paintings). Additionally, having descriptions that detail your project and contributions (especially if you worked on a team) are vital so those who view your portfolio understand everything.

Portfolio section of Shawn Williams studio website that depicts all his previous artwork

Lastly, besides being a demonstration of your skills, a portfolio is about you. There needs to be an About section that goes over who you are, provides contact details, and even parts of your resume (such as experience, education, etc.).

artist information and contact page from website Shawn Williams Studio

If you need help figuring out where to start or composing your work into an understandable creation, LiveFive Web Design will gladly assist you in making a beautiful digital portfolio.

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