What Can a Website Audit do For You?

The LiveFive Web Design team can offer you a website audit to help identify the biggest areas of improvement for your site.

If you aren’t improving, your stagnated or going backwards. This statement is true for many different disciplines and projects. Your website is no different. This is why many people and/or companies end up having someone assigned to the maintenance of their website.

Not only is it important to ensure it still matches your goals, there needs to be continuous SEO checks, technological checks, and content checks. Some companies, such as Amazon, have entire teams dedicated to ensuring the checkout buttons maintains its efficiency.

If you have been feeling stuck or unsure if your current strategies are working, this is what a LiveFive Web Design website audit can do for you. Our audits provide analysis on how your website is doing. We report to you: whether your domain name is live and connected, your website shows on up on Google, your mobile-friendliness level, website ranking (URL and/or domain), number of keywords connected to your site, number of backlinks connected to your site, and your current estimated monthly traffic. We can provide you with suggestions and areas of improvement in addition to which of our services could best work for you.

Reach out to us to learn more!

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