Web Design Tool Highlight- Canva

This month we will discuss tools that we use for our company. Today's discussion is on the many uses of Canva.

Canva is a tool we use often at LiveFive. It is great, not only for creating social media posts, but can be effective in creating new design elements and can add an extra layer to any presentation or report.

Canva for Social Media

As we’ve talked about before, social media is a great channel for promoting your website, whether you are looking to market products, services, or share information. They offer a variety of templates that are scaled to match the ratios required by different social media types as well as different posts within each channel, such as “Story”, “Post”, and “Reel”. You can pick a template and utilize the design elements there, create your own template from scratch, or simply browse the templates for inspiration. There are a variety of templates, from very artsy to minimalistic. The types of templates we use the most are Story creation or graphic posts to share information with our followers, such as our newest blog post!

Canva for Design— Website and Business

A portion of Canva is dedicated to business designs. Under the tab, “Marketing”, there are a variety of options to choose from that you can add to your website or other marketing strategies. We have used this tab before to come up with our email stamp, utilizing our logo in a different format. You can also create logos from scratch there and other graphics that you can then print out or apply to your webpages. For us, we use it mainly for design inspiration before crafting sample logos or email marketing campaigns.

Canva for Business— Presentations and Reports

This is the number one aspect that I use Canva for. There are many categories beneath “Business”, not just reports. From using it to brainstorm to invoices to business proposals, there are many letterhead templates that can be of use here, for business and personal reasons. We use the proposals and reports when generating our SEO reports and audits because they allow an ease for organization of the data while also making it aesthetically pleasing.


There are many reasons to use Canva. You can look for inspiration before leaving to create your own documents and posts, or you can use their templates and edit them until they match your aesthetic. Next time you open up Canva (which we recommend), check out their huge variety!

Looking for on the go editing and templates? They have an app! Good luck designing.

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