Why You Should Seek Out External Help

Hiring an external person or team can bring about innovation and a new strategy to improve your project.

External help—whether through seeking advice or hiring those who aren’t actively a part of your current company / brand—can be extremely helpful. It’s similar to why in school discussions someone may be chosen to be “Devil’s Advocate” or take the opposite viewpoint.

When you are in the middle of “it”, you can’t always see your work or product as others will when it’s their first interaction or they don’t have as much invested in it as you do. All those hours of blood, sweat, and tears into making your company is worth it when you have your MVP, yet this also blinds you because of how invested you are. You see it as perfect. You can try to take a step back and view it “with new eyes,” but the best way to do so, is to seek out true fresh eyes.

This person, or people (such as the LiveFive Web Design team), can address pitfalls as well as what draws them in. It is a great way to test whatever you have been working on, new or old.

This is part of the reason we are hired to assist our clients.

We are a team with you. Your goals are our goals. Whether that is highlighting your differentiating point, selling your goods, or getting online for the first time. We can assist you in creating the online presence you desire.

At the same time, we bring fresh eyes to your company / brand. We can help you discover parts that you should and shouldn’t focus on. What strategies and selling points will help you in the long run.

When you look outside your company, you will find more diversity of thought. Even if you ask those you have hired, it is great, but they may still have a similar level of investment in the product / brand as you do. External searches can bring about an innovative power and new knowledge with a fresh perspective.

New people often means bringing a renewed energy. Getting excited about the process all over again. It’s not to say that you shouldn’t bounce ideas off of those already on your team. They are invested and that is beneficial. They want success for you because they are a part of this and they could still have a different way of viewing your product / service / site.

Yet there is a benefit in this external help. And if you work with LiveFive, you get a new team member who is just as excited and motivated to help you succeed as you are. Feel the difference and contact us today!

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