Web Design and Story Telling

Story telling is an important aspect of your web designer's job. Data is necessary, but a table on your site won't engage your customers.

Web designers also have to be storytellers. Storytelling nowadays is increasing in frequency because of our reliance on and push for data. Incorporating data into your website can improve your conversion rates and increase an understanding of what you do and your outcomes to visitors.

What is Story Telling?

Storytelling is the depiction of complex data or information in a compelling and engaging manner. It requires translating data often into an artistic form. In the “normal” sense, this translation can be from data points into visuals like a graph or chart. What is most important no matter how it is translated is that the point of the data is getting across; the design needs to convey what the data would’ve, whether that is conversions, positive impact, etc.

Why Introduce Story Telling into Your Web Design?

Data provides hard backing to your point. What would you take more seriously? Is someone claiming 100 people like their product or 100 5-star reviews better prove the point that their product is enjoyed? Does it convince you to go with a service if the company claims to have helped 1,000 people with their prescription or when you see the percentage of people who have gotten better while on the pill versus the placebo? Data proves a claim more than a claim sitting there by itself. However, having tables of numbers is not going to demonstrate to many people whether your data is good or bad. Many of us won’t be able to recognize or point out a trend. Portraying that data on your website in a compelling manner will not only convey it but improve engagement with visitors.

How do Web Designers Tell Stories?

Web designers tell the story of data through their designs on your website. Whereas data can be conveyed in visuals like charts, this isn’t something that would be very engaging as the focal point of your website. Web designers utilize more artistic means to represent your data in a way that will keep people on your site. This can be animations, videos, graphics, etc. It is important when working with a web designer to perform a storytelling action to stress what trend or importance you want to get from your data. Are you wanting to portray the difference between working with you and not? Or the savings customers have gotten choosing your service over an alternative? The kind of design that will be utilized will stem from what point you are focusing on.

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