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How our CEO and founder Haliegh Reinoehl went from completing a favor to being a business-owner running her own company.

The Favor

Have you ever been asked to do something as a favor and had it turn into a business idea? Many of us have done favors, but its a far lower percentage who have been inspired by that work to create a business out of it!

Yet that was the spark for our CEO and founder, Haliegh Reinoehl. She was asked to create a website for a small business owner and, in the process, discovered a talent and passion for it. Websites are an integral part for any business; even if it is information of location and the products/services offered.

From a Website to a Business

That first website became just that, one of many to come. Not only did she study and improve her skills to become an expert website designer, Haliegh continued to be curious about all aspects of web design. Including graphic design, marketing, social media connects, etc. As she grew in skills and workload, she attracted team members who are as entrepreneurial as her.

She refused to let this cause her to become comfortable. She remained curious as how to innovate. Many businesses can fail even with great ideas because they do it in the reverse: “I have a great product so you should want it”. Rather it should be: “I understand your problem and here is a solution to fix it”. A key to successful entrepreneurship is understanding the customer and their problems to create an answer.

That’s what Haliegh’s done.

She listened to her customers and realized an issue in the web design industry. A lack of transparency and communication. This became the LiveFive difference.

Every customer learns how to manage and operate their site. Any questions are answered in a 45 minute recorded Zoom call and sent to clients.

Zoom has revolutionized work during the COVID era for easing connection between teams. It is no different for B2B businesses nor connecting with customers. She took it a step further and utilizes this trusted service to further trust with her clients. And the difference has shown.

Our work speaks for itself. This service, this difference, furthers that even more.

Haliegh believes in education and so does her company. She’s gone from one website, to owning her own business, to teaching others how to become more successful themselves online. We’ll keep shooting for the stars and maintaining this entrepreneurial spirit that has guided us from the beginning.

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