Influence of Sports in Our Success

Sports can create positive foundations that can lead to future success. This includes hard work, collaboration, leadership, etc.

Growing up with Sports

All of us at LiveFive have our roots in sports. From childhood development to adulthood, sports can be developmental for life skills. As a child, sports helped many on our team get out of our comfort zone. Introduced us to new friends and developed new skills we didn’t know our bodies had.

Sports become integral to many as a part of who they are as a person. When we say we are “basketball players,” a certain image and connotations come to mind. For both those who play the sport and those who don’t. For me, this image is competition. What comes to mind is a desire to win mixed with knowing all the hours and hard work that have been done on and off the court. Along with a flood of season photos, some with the back-in-the-day style of sweatbands.

Our childhood memories of sports are most likely all a mix of good and bad–hopefully with more good outweighing the bad.

A Team

In team sports, such as basketball, what you learn is around its name: the team. Wins and losses become greater than you. It becomes what is best for the entire team. Sometimes that means setting aside what may be best for your own personal gains. It also means working harder to fulfill your role.

Learning how to collaborate and work together are components of a team that are easily transferred into life. We also learn how to work with different types of people to accomplish the same goal.

A Coach

We also learn how to follow instructions. Complete tasks and handle the responsibilities given to us. Follow the directions of a boss who is supposed to help us get to our goal. This is also about developing discipline. Discipline to follow those orders with a pinch of accountability in doing so.

In addition to the coach, we often pick our own leaders. “Captains”. Half the job of leadership is identifying leaders. We learn how to lead, and lead by example, as well as whether or not we are comfortable in such positions. We begin to understand where it is we excel.


We also face failure as nearly a daily occurrence. Failure to pick up a new skill immediately. Failure in practice and failure in games. Mistakes over and over again, sometimes on our own but oftentimes in public. Worst of all with our peers or those we don’t want to disappoint.

This is one of the greatest accomplishes and personality-builders we can have! To learn that mistakes or failures aren’t the end of life is the best thing for a child. Without failure you can’t have success. We don’t build on solely success. We build by learning what went wrong and continuing to strive for better.

It is not how many times we fall down that counts, but how many times we rise.

Sports are no longer isolated exercises meant for physical health. While they do contribute positively in this manner, there are also many other components that sports can be involved in.

LiveFive is built from empower, women from sport. We have all worked hard in our sport to get to where we did (achieving the status of professional athletes) as well as do the same in our professional careers. Learn more about the strong women who can help you build the online company you aspire for.

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