Websites, Launch and Done?

Monthly maintenance to up-keep all the effort put into your web design and development is crucial. Learn more about the steps after launch.

It’s Up, So I’m Good?

The initial steps in web design and development can be the most intense. From organizing all the content, getting professional photographs, new contacts, social media profiles, etc. It can be a whirlwind of decisions that will ultimately decide what your first impression to users/potential customers will be.

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Then it gets launched! *Time to Celebrate!*

You are up on the web, can see your products/services/information, are able to engage with new customers, and feel set. It is a great relief to see what you had conceptualized come to fruition.

Some new website owners think that this is it. All the hard work is over and now it’s time to relax and let the leads come to you. Unfortunately, this is when the hard work has just begun.

Launched and Ready to Work!

After your launch, you want to go over your foundational search engine optimization. If you utilized a hosting platform, ensure you complete all of their SEO checklists to get started. If you hired a website developer, then prior to completing your work with them, check to see if they offer any beginning SEO services–at least getting your website connected to Google Search Console.

This foundational SEO set up is vital, because it includes primary connections to Google so your website can be found when searched. If this isn’t done, then even though your website is live, users won’t be able to find you. Other parts of foundational SEO that are critical after launch are page meta descriptions. These are the words that pop up under your website URL on the page.

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LiveFive Homepage meta description

In addition to foundational SEO, you need to ensure your contacts are all available connected so that if someone reaches out to you, you can respond in a timely fashion. If you have other channels, including social media, then you should update your profile there to have your link discoverable on your profile as well as ensuring they are linked on your site. Only do this if they are connected, however. It won’t do you any good to add an Instagram button to your website if your Instagram is private or only of your dog while your website is about selling shoes. You want to make sure it is all related and gives off a similar tone/experience to keep it consistent for those who visit both.

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LiveFive Web Design Instagram Profile

Connected… and Finally Done?

Even once you’ve completed these steps, you still aren’t done. This is when all the analytics and reviews happen. You want to consistently stay up-to-date with what is working and what isn’t.

Are you getting clicks from your social media accounts? If not, why not? Are they not congruent to the message you are trying to deliver with your website? Are you getting direct clicks from those searching for you on a search engine? What pages are getting the most traffic and where are people spending their time?

All of these insights are going to allow you to get more out of your website. If you sit back, you can end up loosing even those who are your returning users.

This can all be a lot; having to check multiple channels and reports to understand your online presence. Instead of allowing monthly maintenance to become a headache, you can hire others to organize the reports for you and adjust accordingly. LiveFive Web Design has services that will take care of this so you can focus on the work/overall business while we take care of the rest!

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